Pura Vida Charity Charm Bracelet for New Hope Girls

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This beautiful bracelet is made possible by the generosity and support of Vera Bradley and Pura Vida.

The charm features elements from our logo, our girl and a bird being released. The bracelet is wax-coated and also features the "p" charm, for Pura Vida.

The bracelet is fully adjustable for your optimal and most comfortable fit.

We love how this is one more way for you to take our story with you, everywhere you go.


Each one of our products are handmade by our hand picked team of artisans that pour their hearts and souls into making our beautiful bags.


We source high quality fabrics that would otherwise be scrapped­­— the ends of bolts and discontinued upholstery have come to be our signature.


100% of our proceeds are funneled back into the work of rescue, refuge and restoration for our girls. Their daily needs are met by every purchase.