Get Involved

It takes a team!

This is your invitation!

There is space for everyone to find a way to walk with us as we rescue girls and empower women. From donating your time, talent, or resources to hosting a party with your friends! We are confident you can make an impact and come alongside us.

Inner Circle Friends

Our Inner Circle commits to donate monthy and pray daily. We are so thankful for this consistent support - and friendship.

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Capital Campaign

We are being called into more and with that comes the need to make large purchases, like new homes. Please connect with us if you are interested in contributing in this way!

Come as an Intern

We have a variety of internship opportunities that can be customized to your skills, experiences, and passions.

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Be Social!

One of the simplest - but important - ways that you can support us is by sharing our content on social media and posting about us. This helps our story travel new and different places.

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Host a Party

This is a FUN way to get involved! You can share our story with your circle of friends, all while showing off our artisan-made bags. This can be accomplished digitally or in-person.

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