Rescue and Refuge

We have multiple Safe Homes for girls, ranging from age 4 into adulthood. We are committed to walk with them as daughters, as they step into all that they were created to be.

Meet Sabrina

In 2021, New Hope Girls celebrated our second high school graduate! Sabrina was our first new Hope Student. We met her when she was eight and she didn’t have the birth certificate required for her to study or anyone who could help her navigate the system that would allow her to acquire one at the age of eight. New Hope Girls was created for girls like her.

We worked to get her papers and bring her up to grade level academically. She was a hard worker and had a unique ability to grab on fully to the fact that she was created for more. She knew it deeply and that knowing has propelled her into personal growth and greater opportunity. She is studying Business Administration and working in our workshop helping to bring best practices to our shipping and inventory systems. 

Sabrina lives in our University home, which is for our older girls transitioning into increased independence. We are excited to walk beside Sabrina on her personal and academic journey into a future full of hope!

Giving them our Very Best

Every interaction works to intentionally convince her that she was“created for more.” Part of this is ensuring our team is prepared to serve them well. In 2021 we completed 120 hours of Trauma Training.

And 108 Back-to-School backpacks.

And 125 Christmas food boxes delivered.

And 35 Hours a week of homework Help.

Outreach and Prevention

We pour into the lives of high-risk girls each week through a "girls club" where we provide important training, mentorship and empower them to embrace all that they were created to be.

Your Opportunity

You can come alongside us to join our work and impact.