Our Impact

Serving & Loving BIG


Providing rescue, refuge, and restoration.

Education Breaks Cycles

We know education is one key aspect of prevention. This year we dreamed big - really big - and helped send 280 girls back to school in 2023! It was worth it beacuse they are worth it!

In 2022 We Added
Another Home

The University House

Renovations to our First Home

Our Outreach Program

Sewing Stories
of Hope

The Impact of our Workshop

Our workshop is about so much more than the economic empowerment we offer our artisans. For many, it is their refuge and the start of their healing journey. It is also critical prevention work because when moms have safe employment that pays a living wage their children are much safer, too.

Healing in Our Workshop

Meet Milagros

Read More about her story

Your Opportunity

You can come alongside us to join our work and impact.