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Our work to rescue girls and empower women is made possible by the generosity of many! We invite you to consider financially giving to the growth and life of New Hope Girls. We have opportunities to give both monthly and as one time gifts. We invite you to review our most recent Impact Report so you are certain of the significance of your donation!

Our monthly donors are the backbone of our monthly support and make our daily operations possible. Become part of the family by signing up to give monthly today.

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Follow the link below if you would like to give a one-time gift to New Hope Girls and contribute to the livelihood and journey of healing our girls are on.

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Are you from Canada? If so, we want to make sure you follow the link to the Canada donation page in order for you to give a tax deductible donation.

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"The things these girls have been through and where they are now is truly a miracle. They are the most strong and powerful girls I have ever met. Every time I go to the Dominican Republic it changes my life. These girls are an inspiration to me and many others. I love these beautiful girls with my whole heart and I know that God has something amazing planned for their lives."

Caroline King
Summer Camp Volunteer

After returning from my time in La Vega I will never forget them. Their faces, their laughter, their stories. Because of my belief in the eternal impact of their work, I have chosen to continue my support though various donations. My wife, Cynthia, joins me in this deeply rooted belief that contributing to New Hope is contributing to God’s redemptive work. 

Jim Rancourt
Donor and Volunteer

“I believe what I’m doing is helping. I have worked in other places but at New Hope I feel I’m part of a family. I feel like I get to be part of a mission. I feel like I’m helping. It is really important. I am here out of obedience. I’m here because I am working in a job that is a double edge sword. It provides for my family and it provides for the foundation. We don’t just make the bags. This is part of us. We don’t just make them to get a wage. We make them with our whole heart.”

New Hope Girls Workshop artisan

“We can't wait to go back the Dominican Republic again this summer and serve "our daughters" at New Hope Girls. Every year, I think... if I had been born in another country, this could be me. This could be me struggling to provide food to feed my family, this could be my daughter that doesn't have paperwork and can't go to school, this could be my child that has no hope and no future. I'm so thankful to get the opportunity to share ourselves, our money, our time, and our love with people that are truly making a difference in a hurting world.”

Tarah Guengerich
Frequent visitor for work trips and Inner Circle Friend