Capital Campaign

Making Room For 20+ More

How it works

This capital campaign will pay off the bridge loan, provide furnishing, minor repairs and expansion as well as supply the much needed operations costs for the first year so that the girls can transition into a new beautiful home. Room sponsorships include cost for capital, furnishing and repairs and 1st year operation.

Capital purchase and setup: $251,000

First year operations: $104,800

Giving commitments for the sponsorship of any area can be completed in agreed upon installments over the course of our 2 year Capital Campaign. The sponsorship includes naming rights with a plaque mounted in the donor's honor. With every room sponsored we will fill in GREEN!

Where We Have Been

In March of 2011 Nueva Esperanza-New Hope Girls began to serve girls ages 5-16 identified as the most vulnerable living in poverty in the barrios of the Dominican Republic. We believe in God’s word as He has spoken to us, “Where you’re faithful in little you will be entrusted with much.”

We currently have the privilege of providing a loving family - A Safe Home - to girls (ages 4-16) in the DR who come from dark and difficult places. While we have space for 16 daughters and 8 foster/transitional girls, we are hosting many more. Each girl is welcomed into our family, loved protected, advocated for through faith based trauma informed care. We walk with them in healing, restored identity, justice and complete freedom.

The staff and leadership have been praying for the rescue of girls trafficked and exploited through sex tourism that is so prevalent in the DR. The work they have done to create relationships within the justice system is beginning to bear fruit and Rescue Operations are being launched.

Expansion of our care is critically needed, and service to these girls requires intensified security and intervention in a new location where their particular needs can be met.

Where We Are Going

God has brought us to the PERFECT campus- The location is within walking distance of all needed amenities and the property will provide for 20 girls in two separate yet connected homes. Allowing us to serve the needs of girls in smaller family style groups.

With the help of a bridge loan we were able to secure the property and are currently in the process of raising the funds to purchase, set up and raise the operational budget for the first year.

If you would like to be part of meeting any one of the capital needs listed below please fill out this form and we will get back to you with the next steps.