You're Invited In

You’re Invited Into the Story

This past week we had an incredible team pouring into our girls and staff to kick off the summer. It reminded us how powerful being loved though action and deed truly is. When you see hearts on display that have traveled thousands of miles just to be with you and pour into your life in a specific, honoring way you can’t help but be changed once they’regone.

As we hugged our visitors goodbye and said “see you later” we became convinced all over again that offering the invitation to join us in being part of our girls’ transformation story is one we will continue to extend with gratitude and confidence.

It truly takes a village to continue doing the work of providing rescue, refuge and restoration for girls and women in the Dominican Republic. There are countless ways for you to get involved and we encourage you to consider how you can use your passions and gifts to partner with us in this work.

Our National Sales Position is Open!

We have been growing our New Hope Girls bags business tremendously over the last year. With our recent collaboration with Vera Bradley and future collaborations stirring in the future, we are in desperate need of an individual to take on the sales side of our ministry. Not only will they develop and execute strategies to increase sales, they will also be tasked with developing new systems and marketing programs in order to continue growing our workshop and provide for our girls and women. This position will be state side and our National Sales Director will be working remotely while also traveling from time to time.

We are looking for an all around entrepreneur, someone who is willing to put in countless hours with an incredible heart and passion willing to blaze any trail necessary in order for us to grow. This is more than a business, we have always been cause first but we need someone who is equipped for the business side driven by the passion that is at the heart of our mission.

We are currently interviewing candidates and want to be sure all who are qualified and interested have been invited in before we close the recruiting process! If you would like more details on the position and are interested in the detailed job description please email us at and we will be happy to pass that along!

Become an Inner Circle Friend

Our Inner Circle runs deeper than a monthly sponsorship and donation. When youbecome part of our Inner Circle you become part of our family. You are welcomed into the purpose, mission and receive exclusive Inner Circle access and updates. We welcome you in as part of the family and it is our privilege to get to know you as you support and champion our efforts.

Partner with us on a Project

Construction projects, kids camps, and landscaping. These are just some of the ways groups have helped us raise funds for projects and come to serve our girls here in the Dominican Republic. Each time a work group leaves we are always enormously impacted by their efforts and friendship and truly feel like they leave as family. Consider how youcan come and tackle one of our various construction projects or offer leadership and relief on New Hope Girls grounds.

New Hope Girls Campaigner

We have been truly blessed with individuals who have joined us in sharing our story with their communities, churches, schools, etc. through hosting parties, fundraisers, and bag sales. There are many ways you can help us grow our circle of support and share who we are by providing the invitation to those in your community. Being a campaigner allows you to use your gifts, talents, skills and influence to share our story and help us raise the financial support needed to continue providing for our girls and women.

Come As An Intern

As an intern, you are immediately placed on the front lines. Interns serve with us in the Dominican Republic and are heavily utilized within the daily rhythms of New Hope Girlslife. Depending on need and skill, Interns will partner with New Hope Girls staff and provide support where it is most needed. Internship time frames are flexible and wide varieties of skills are welcomed.