Your grace abounds in deepest waters

Those of you who only know me as a presenter in the states might think I cry through my days…but I don’t. God has carried me through many very difficult things, sad and heavy circumstances, horrific cases of abuse and despair I never imagined I would encounter without so much as sheading a tear. That’s why when the lady fixing my hair yesterday asked what was wrong and I had to close my eyes to hold the tears back, I knew I was stressed.


She didn’t ask me again what was troubling me after she saw the tears, instead she took off into a speech of encouragement…

“Worry, (pre-occupation literally translated from Spanish) is just that. Worrying before the problem. Occupying yourself with something that might happen but hasn’t yet. You, my friend are a child of God. You don’t have the right to worry. You don’t get to carry your burden. That’s pride and ego.

You Must trust, rest, obey, abide…that’s what you are called to do.

Worry is not part of your job description and you don’t have time for it. It’s sin so repent and step back into the arms of your God. Rest Mija (daughter), God’s got this!"


But things got worse as the day progressed and by nighttime I could barely hang on. This was more than emotion, I was in terrible pain. I took some meds and tried to sleep but I got no relief from the intense neck pain. I cried as pain gripped me with the intensity of childbirth. When I got into a position I could finally lay still, I was determined to trust, rest, obey, abide. In an act of worship I played over and over the song Oceans (Where feet may fail) by Hillsong United and quoted the Psalms.


The hardest battles are fought here, in the night.  In the deep quiet places when our souls cry for attention.

“When you speak to the soul, it naturally turns to prayer

because in the soul God is always present.”

I know in my soul this is war and I cry for "The spirit to lead me where my trust is without borders… to let me walk upon the waters wherever he may call me.  To take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will made stronger in the presence of my savior"


For those of you who enter into intercession on behalf of New Hope Girls and it’s staff

THANK YOU for struggling with us.


Paul pleaded for “prayer helpers” everywhere. He begged the Romans, “I urge you, brothers and sisters, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me; that I may be delivered” (Romans 15:30-31). And he asked the Thessalonians, “Brothers and sisters, pray for us” (1 Thessalonians 5:25).

--“struggle with me as a partner in prayer; wrestle for me in prayer.” Paul was not asking for a quick mention to the throne. He was pleading, “Fight for me in prayer. Do spiritual battle, both for my sake and the sake of the gospel.”