What's it like in our workshop?

Have you ever stopped to consider what it is like in our workshop? First, it is full of beautiful and strong women: our artisans. Each one of our women is also a mom! As they work with us they earn a living wage, are supported, mentored, encouraged and loved! We have a positive community where we walk with each other - on the good days and bad.

The Structure for Sewing

Making our bags is no small feat! It takes patterns, supplies, components, equipment, training, quality assurance, and a heart for the work! The first bag our ladies learn to sew when they join us is the Hobo bag. It is rare that artisans join us with prior sewing experience and we love having the opportunity to help them learn a new skill!

Our ladies form modules - or production teams - to keep structure, accountability, and order to the sewing of our bags. One artisan may be responsible for sewing the liner into a bag, the other might work on a strap, everyone has a role and a way to contribute to the greater good of each bag.

The Support Team

We also have supporting team members that help keep things running smoothly and organized. Wanda is our leader over the workshop and a true champion for our ladies. Sabrina and Weiry are young ladies who help with project management and packing boxes for shipments to the United States. We also now have two team members who help us cut the fabric for our bags - a critical role that requires organization and precision.

The Sounds

When you enter the workshop do not expect it to be quiet! There is usually music playing that sets the rhythm to an energetic but controlled pace. The ladies love to laugh and joke as part of the dynamics - always in love and with a sisterhood between them.


artisan at sewing machine

The Feeling

It is hard to put into words how it feels in the workshop. Words that come to mind are special, healing, hopeful and light. However, to really capture the feeling it is best to hear it described by those experiencing it each and everyday. We asked three of our ladies to share how it feels and this is what they had to say:

As you carry our beautiful bags with you everywhere you go we hope you will carry our story too! One of peace and partnership, the presence of God, smiles and tears. Remember, just like our bags, you are Created for More.