What's in Your Hand?

There are days when I feel there is simply too much to accomplish.  There are too many girls. The problems are too big and overcoming.  

But then I get to thinking… maybe it’s too big for me. But before that thought has the chance to plant a seed of doubt I am reminded that I am not alone. God has set an army in place and each member has been called to contribute something significant to this work. Each of us has knowledge, skill, influence, power and resources to bring to the table.  When we are all faithful with what has been placed in our hand—He will always make us enough to fulfill the call on our lives. 

Recently I sat in a room with judges. I was so disappointed by the work being done around me and I began to view them as enemies rather than allies.  I had spent the days leading up to the meeting weeping and fuming at the battles we had been experiencing. I wasn’t sure of the best way to connect for change, however, I did know that connection and unity would be necessary for any change at all… So we threw a party.  

I wasn’t convinced they would come, I even hesitated when the invitations went out. To my surprise, each of them came. We sat around the table with stiff closed body language, but as I began to share my broken heart over a broken system their arms began to open. I watched as the atmosphere changed, they chose to lean in and began sharing their vulnerable stories of heartbreak.

There was a temptation in the room to talk about all the missing pieces and all the missing players necessary for change, but before we could shift toward a space filled with excuses rather than solutions, I interrupted.  

“We may not have all the power, but there is a lot of power sitting in this room…”

I began addressing them, asking them, challenging them… “Are we being faithful with what God has placed in our hands?  Are we doing all that we know to do with all the power and influence we have been given? Imagine if we did? What would happen next?”  

I continued on and asked them to imagine if each one used 100% of what God had placed in our hand… I wanted them to consider what could lie ahead and who we could inspire to join this charge. I began dreaming out loud about the bigger strides forward if we continued saying yes and expanded our circle of warriors. I could tell that inspiration and conviction began to spread within the room. We became convinced we can do better and we walked away knowing that each of us are made for more. I knew that if we are faithful with what we have in our hands to do, we will be given more. It’s a promise woven into the DNA of New Hope Girls that has never return void.