What Does it Mean to Give the Gift of New Hope Series #3

In this season of giving we are full of gratitude for all of you who have chosen to partner with us over the years. As our financial needs continue to grow and we add an entire new home to our ministry we are reminded just how important it is to come together as a community and say yes to the multiplication that God has in store for New Hope Girls.

As we continue our Year-End Giving we wanted to share with you a testimony from one of our donors who is now part of our New Hope family.

My experience with New Hope can be described as moving from heartbreak to Hope.

When I traveled there in the fall of 2018 I was with my daughter, Caitlyn. We journeyed to La Vega so she could provide marketing and communications support. I also went with an open mind - ready to provide support in whatever way was needed.

I never expected to be so taken by the realities of La Vega. It truly was other-worldly and nothing like my reality back in the United States.

When we arrived on campus I was welcomed into New Hope. My role was to be Vidal’s sidekick. We had a variety of projects we worked on together. I fixed a leaky outdoor shower, planted shrubs, and pressure washed the pool deck. While working, I had the opportunity to make a totally unique set of observations.

I witnessed the girls laugh. They sang. They danced. They cared for each other. After knowing that they had come from such dark and dangerous places it was the last thing I expected. But over my decades of living I’ve realized that we serve a God who is the Master of the Unexpected. He shows up and he redeems. 

After returning from my time in La Vega I will never forget them. Their faces, their laughter, their stories. Because of my belief in the eternal impact of their work, I have chosen to continue my support though various donations. My wife, Cynthia, joins me in this deeply rooted belief that contributing to New Hope is contributing to God’s redemptive work. 

For me, “Entering Into New Hope” is a matter of the heart - not a money matter. God has provided such abundance for me and my family and I feel called to respond by being faithful with what he has given to us. I want to use a portion of His blessings to further His work through New Hope.

Oh, and by the way - we aren’t just donors, we are customers! My wife Cynthia has multiple bags and regularly gives them as gifts. As she loves to say, “each bag empowers women to “live, laugh, and love” in a dignified way.”  Each bag truly represents Hope.   

In this season of giving we are all invited into a place of reflection. While it may not be possible for you to travel to New Hope and meet the women and girls, you can take time to hear their story on a deep level and get to know them. Check them out on social media, read their blogs on the website. Consider - prayerfully - if giving to New Hope is a matter of the heart for you. Perhaps you can help others move from heartbreak to hope this holiday season.