What Does it Mean to Give the Gift of New Hope Series #1

We’ve had so many individuals, families, churches and communities invest in our mission over the years. When we reflect on the generosity New Hope Girls has received we are overwhelmed and so hopeful as we prepare for an additional home and an increase in girls and staff in the coming year.

We felt like it would be significant to share some perspective from those that have faithfully given and become part of the New Hope family. This is what giving the gift of New Hope means to our community:

"I never knew my heart could expand and break all at one time. The first time I landed in the Dominican Republic, I had already spent a few days helping with a women’s conference, adjusting to a new country, new climate and new sleeping arrangements. I was unprepared for just how much the week would alter me and even more so how far my heart would break when we arrived in La Vega for a day with the girls.

To see the house on the hill, learn about their daily lives, and prayer walk through the community just put my senses on overload. My life changed dramatically that day alongside my then 14 year old daughter. That was 2012. My heart hasn’t adjusted and I’m pretty sure it never will.

The ways we have served New Hope through the years has adjusted and grown and I am so very grateful that God allows me to serve in any way He sees fit. My heart is forever intertwined with this very special place and I can only hope to continue recruiting more people to enter into the same kind of relationship with the New Hope Girls too.

When God is at work it is such an honor to be invited in. That is where we find ourselves again.

God is moving in big ways here in La Vega. At the moment, he is inviting us to care for more daughters - many more daughters - who are being rescued from increasingly dark and dangerous places. But, we choose to be faithful and we choose to say yes. We wonder if you will also join us in saying yes?

Victoria Duerstock, Board Member and Inner Circle Friend