What Does it mean to Battle for Her?

Over the last month we have been promoting our Battle Line. It has been instrumental in giving us the opportunity to communicate what it means to Battle for Her each and every day and what that tangibly looks like as we live out our mission.

When we Battle for Her we are fighting for the next rescue, we are advocating for new life and new Hope, we walk with each New Hope Girl as they step into freedom.

Our Battle Line will be available in our shop until each fabric is sold out but we wanted to close out our series by sharing a few words from our staff about the significance of this line!

We had the opportunity to hear from our former intern and current volunteer, Lauren Sims, as she shares an impactful battle story from her time while serving and walking with our New Hope Girls.

We hope this line has inspired you to Battle for Her alongside us.
It truly takes an army and we will do what it takes to continue to fight because they worth it!