"YOU are not too far gone"

“We tried to save it, but the damage was too deep, it was too  far gone.”

Dentists working on a tooth procedure

Today it was a tooth. But after so many losses, this is just one more and I feel it so deep for my girls. 

I hold them, helping them calm and breath and regulate through the terrifying and triggering dental visit that was provided with SO MUCH LOVE.  I assure them, “These dentists are the best  and they are my friends and I will never let anyone hurt you or lie to you about the what is coming.” 

 When I had to translate: “We tried to save it, but the damage was too deep, it was too far gone, there was hardly anything left” I whispered to myself and to her- it’s only a tooth, it’s only a tooth.

Dentists working on a tooth

YOU, my sweet girl

You have experienced so much pain, so much damage,

BUT YOU are not too far gone

YOU were saved

And you are on your way to perfect health.

Just like those cavities— “We have to take the black decay out to make space for the pearly white filling.”  You are doing the work of letting go of all that rotten black decay of your past and making space for the good stuff.  I am so wildly proud of you!

The work of filling a cavity is called restoration. I love that! The process of digging out the dark spots can be so painful and scary, but it is the work required to restore a tooth to health. 

This is also our work.  The restorative work of walking with girls out of the dark, rotten decay of this world is painful and scary, But the hope of health and healing and complete restoration is ours because No damage is too deep and No girl is too far gone for our God!

Special thanks to Kairos Moment who traveled from the US to sacrificially serve alongside a Dominican team who provided trauma informed dental care in the most beautiful clinic providing a way for us to SAVE more teeth than ever before AND love girls well as they face some of their deep fears!