We are all called to Come

This story is from one of our former interns, Becca Kinheart, that visited us during her Christmas break this year. We are so grateful to share stories from our community. If you have any New Hope Girls stories please send them to us at info@newhopegirls.co and we would love to have it in our collection.

I roll back the gate and step on to the stone path that leads to our front door. “Tía!!! Tía Becca!!” I am immediately met by the sweetest little voice. I can’t help but smile back just as big, dropping my things to the ground as her bare feet pad against the stones, running towards me in her little pajama pants and diaper. I scoop her up and spin her in my arms.

This is home.

I squeeze her tight. I never want to let her down. I never want to let her out of my arms. I never even want to let her out of my sight. In this moment, I want to hug her so tight that the pain and the scars fade away.

I want to hold her, to teach her her worth, to tell her it is all okay. All of these words that I often tell others. I want to protect her to no end, to defend her fiercely, to make sure that no one may come near her again with anything but love and hugs and giggling kisses. 

As she nestles her face into my neck and runs her fingers through my hair I see her expression shift in an instant, “Tía, ¡venga! ¡venga!”, the word come in Spanish as she suddenly became worried about missing breakfast inside.

She called me to come just as she was called to come. I breathe and realize that her little voice is speaking the Truth while I was lost in a daze of fear. Fear for what has happened to her. Fear for how hard this process of healing will be that she has to face. Fear for all the ones after her that are waiting for their rescue.

Fear tells us to stay. Fear tries to paralyze. Fear tells us not to trust, that we are all on our own, that the fate of others rests in our hands. Fear keeps us from letting ourselves and others simply come.

When I held her in my arms that day I saw her willingness to trust. The ability to let herself be still in someone else’s arms even though her story gives her every reason to hide, run.

We are all called to come. We are all called to overcome. And that is what is so sweet about these New Hope Girls. Their healing process invites me into my healing process, my growth, my redemptive story. 

And this is the invitation to all of us.

To rest and receive the Love that is always available to us. To walk as we were created to be, truly free and held and safe.