Trailblazing Educators

God made a way for us to provide the best teachers when we had NO money to pay them. 

Greici and I knew it was time to add teaching staff and wondered about someone like Amanda. Amanda was teaching our son, who was in the second grade at the time, at one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

I remember saying, “let’s pray for An Amanda.” Someone like her - because I never believed Amanda would never leave her job to come to New Hope Girls for free.

Greici said, “You pray for 'an Amanda,' but I will pray for the real “Amanda.”

By the end of the school year the real Amanda had decided to leave her position and move full time into teaching our girls!

Then I met Angela, while we both sat on the sidelines while our husbands ran a race.

It turned out she was a certified teacher staying at home to care for her boys. When she decided to go back to work, she also turned down a job at that same prestigious school to come teach our girls for free! 

Then long time friend, certified teacher Annie, volunteered to teach integrated English and bible. 

After that, a friend of my friend Marta came for a visit explaining she had something to offer. She runs a training center to certify teachers in Montessori.

She soon began teaching us Montessori techniques and providing Saturday school to all the girls, enabling us to better reach our girls with so many diverse learning needs, ages, and abilities. 

These were the trailblazers — Later came Karen and Yessenia, Jessica and others to help our girls catch up and walk confidently on their path toward academic excellence.  

Education continues to be embedded in who we are as an organization. Educaiton helps break cycles of exploitation and replaces them with transformation.

We know that one aspect of helping girls grab onto their worth and value is walking with them as they explore, wonder, and learn. It is our privilege to support the education of our girls all while declaring, you are #CreatedForMore!