They Were the First, But They Won't Be the Last

“What are you dreaming up now?” I felt my staff ask with their eyes as I announced I had an idea to share with them.   They are used to me and they smiled a smirk and agreed to join me in prayer.  


It’s not a new dream.  It’s just that now I think the time is right.  We want to provide an international travel experience for our girls who we believe are ready and able to thrive with a host family for summer vacation learning English and expanding their worldview.  Our girls have seen many dark and difficult days, but as they heal they begin to dream and we want to inspire them to dream big!  We want to open the world up for them.  We want them to connect with the faithful families who have loved, prayed and supported them from afar.  We want to expand their dreams and their wings.  


I remember dropping off my girl with her host family and wondering how I would get on a plane without her.  I reminded myself, "You raised her to fly.  You can't clip her wings now!"  

This year I want each girl who is far enough along in her healing process and English acquisition to thrive in an international experience, to participate in one.  So this year, they will be receiving their passports for their birthdays and working on their English skills, and I will be working on the required paperwork to solicit visas for summer travel opportunities.  I'm hoping that this become a powerful way for our inner circle friends, who are already invested and connected to our girls, to now share their lives, families and communities with them.  

This is no small undertaking! The borders and US embassy get stricter by the day.  But dreaming big is our thing and God has been so faithful to provide.

“Dreaming for the girls in the barrio the same dreams we have for our own daughters.”

In preparation for this, we sent our own daughters.  Helina and Chrismairy went first!  We will be working with those USA mommas who hosted our daughters to create guidelines for the families and girls who will follow.

And now, here is an opportunity for you to dream and pray about perhaps hosting/sponsoring one of our girls next summer!  I get giddy thinking about it.