The Sound of Freedom - is YOU

There is definitely a buzz around this new movie. The sound of Freedom.  So many people have called, written, and reached out to me after watching the movie.  “Have you seen it?”

I haven’t seen the movie, But yes, I‘ve seen it.  I see it, I feel it, I carry it-every single day.  I hold her, cry with her, pray over her and fight for her every single day. 

With tears in their eyes I listen to women tell their experience with the movie and how they are changed by it.  Their eyes have been open and they can’t look the other way.  They are overcome by the darkness in the world and the depraved indifference too. 

Some shared the fear and caution they now feel to protect their children and those they love. The air is thick as they share and I feel it deep. I listen with compassion, because I know that kind of “knowing” that propels you into action. 

We have a little girl in our safe home who was rescued from such darkness at the age of six. Her name means liberator.  If you ask her about her name she will sing you her response in her sweet, raspy, grounded voice-  “Hay liberate en la casa de Dios- There is freedom in the house of the Lord.”  

We are meant to walk through darkness as light. When we show up, the darkness retreats. Adding our light to others is how we overcome it. 

I am so grateful for the light that is being shined on the dark world of sex trafficking.  

I am so grateful that eyes are being opened to the pain,

Ears that are becoming alert to the cries, 

Hearts that are being moved

Forever changed. 

I pray that you don’t let the sadness overcome you. I pray that you don’t let the fear keep you from stepping toward the darkness. I pray that you know and believe how much the world needs your light.

I long to put my hands on your shoulders, tenderly leaning in as I look you in the eye and confidently declare…

“There is freedom in the house of the Lord, because God uses us. Your name is liberator and the sound of freedom is YOU.

You CAN be part of this fight.

You CAN push back on this darkness.

Pray with us.

Shop with us.

Learn with us.

Persevere with us.

Don’t let the sadness and darkness settle into the corners of who you are. Allow it to propel you to the next right steps and declare, “I’m in this fight, too.” Let the sound of freedom be the hum of your days and the rhythm that keeps you moving.