The ministry of "hanging out"

A few weeks ago Nueva Esperanza-New Hope Girls Inc. met a new friend. She wanted to come and see the school and meet the girls. She was praying about how she could help. While there seemed to be obvious ways for her to help I was trusting God to speak to her heart as it always surprises me how He moves to meet our deepest needs which are not always our perceived needs. She decided to investigate our shipping issues, has taken some sandals to sell at local businesses and is committed to providing lunch for our month of summer school ….WOW!  She has also taken on the role of “tia” to our girls, and it is that gift I want to honor in this blog.

A week after her first visit, she asked if she could stop by on her way to a business meeting in the capital. She just wanted to hang out for minute, share a cup of coffee, and squeeze the girls. I love that! The needs of Nueva Esperanza, like most living in poverty, are complex and many but our need for relationship cannot be overlooked. Jesus fed the hungry, and healed the sick, but the amazing part of His ministry still today is His desire to walk with us in our daily lives.  He longs to "hang out" with us.

He calls us to abide in Him because that is where the power lies. Our abundant life comes when we choose to seek Him first.


"Tia" has shared with our girls many times since her first visit. They have shared many "first ever" experiences together: parks, cotton candy and eating in a sit down restaurant but it’s her friendship and time that is of most value to these girls with so many relational needs. Thank you for loving these girls like your own family and reminding us of the ministry of “hanging out”

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25