The King is Here

Annie has a way of making everything simple.  She has big childlike faith that inspires me.  She prayerfully listens, sincerely cares and then speaks life to all she encounters.  She makes sure anyone she spends time with knows Jesus and gets prayed for, but in the most graceful organic beautiful ways.  


Fridays at New Hope are special—Ms. Annie comes with her family to teach “Jesus stories” in Spanish and English.  The girls are memorizing complete stories that can be retold and shared with their family and neighbors.  When Annie finishes her lesson she and I visit and pray for the moms and families of our girls while they receive AWANAS from a Dominican sister, Loida who travels each week by bus from Santiago to teach our girls.  The girls are writing God’s word on their hearts in a very deliberate way and we are trusting God that His word will not return void!

Annie introduced a new song to the girls this month in English class.  She just simply turned on the music, closed her eyes and worshiped her king in front the girls.  The song is about 9 minutes long and the girls were moved just soaking up the presence of their King and watching Annie so in love with Him.  When the song was over they begged for more…They too stood up and grabbed onto our legs and raised their hands in praise and worship as they shouted,

“The king is here, the king is here—hallelujah, God you’re here!”

Yesterday as I sat on porch and listened to them sing, three weeks since they first heard the song, they now sing it much more fluently---“The King is here, The king is here—You’re alive inside of me.”  I was captured by that phrase.  Our King Lives In Us!  And these girls are beginning to breath this truth….

“We’re alive to praise you, give our glory to you, we’ll never be the same because you are here.”

We live the most horrific and precious moments with our girls.  It is so messy!  But—


The King is Here--Kim Walker

"Now it's time my people know who I am, what I'm made of---Yes, that I have something to say.  Here I am"--Isaiah 52:6 message