The Importance of "Firsts"

So many things and experiences we take for granted assuming they are available to all.  I continue to be amazed by the all the things I didn’t know I took for granted and have began to be deliberate in sharing all the good I have to give, all the good I am able to share with our girls. 

“I didn’t even know my name.” - New Hope gives her a name.

“I didn’t even know my birthday.” - New Hope goes through the X-ray process of finding age and then selects a birthdate.

“I have never had a birthday cake, opened a present, taken the tags of something NEW.”

"Movies? What is that?"

When we finally get to the movies or the plaza it never fails that the girls are terrified and/or mesmerized but the escalator. Sometimes that can be a trip in and of itself. “Cheap dates”


Ice Cream, Movies, Birthday Parties, Cake with Candles, Cotton Candy, Brand New Clothes, School Books, Uniforms, Starting School on the FIRST day (because you have ALL your school supplies), Camp, Rivers and Waterfalls, Sleep Overs, Bonfires, S'Mores, Pizza, Swimming Pools, THE BEACH!, and get this...

A bath tub.

While staying in a rental house this summer, I introduced the girls to a bathtub.  They were shocked that you actually bathed inside there, inside your house.  I filled it up and added bubbles and they created a list of the order to experience it. The first girl came with her swim suit and I explained that you bathe in the same way you shower- naked.  She was mortified.  Could not do it.  She took her first bath with her swimsuit on.  Lol!

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