Styles We Love for Spring 2022

 Helina wearing the Tangerine Stripe Crossbody

Spring is in the air! We feel it in the temperatures, we see it in the emerging blooms, and we are anticipating how it ushers in all things new.

Our shop is ready to offer you purpose-filled ways to welcome in warmer days, while you also help support our girls and women. Remember, the work we do is all about transformation and what better season to celebrate it than Spring.

The first style we love in our shop is Lavanda - “Lavender.” Since “Veri Peri” is the Pantone Color of the year we feel certain you can’t go wrong with this bag that boasts a variety of striped purples and blues.

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Maybe though, you like the simplicity that Spring offers. A fresh start and fresh air! If so, our Sencilla Collection may be more your speed. It is simple and understated and leans into the reality that “less is more.” It has a been a favorite amongst our wholesale retail partners!

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Bags from the Sencilla Collection

 Another style we can’t help but mention is not a fabric specifically but rather the bag silhouette itself: our Hobo Clutch! Since recently introducing this bag our friends and followers have quickly fallen in love. It is a compact style that is a great statement piece. 

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New Hope Girls Hobo Clutches

We also want to highlight Tangerine Stripe. It pulls together green and orange stripes in a citrusy fresh way. The fabric has a silky smooth feel and it is a breathable weight.

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Tangerine Stripe Bag Collection


What says spring more than butterflies? Our 4th Collaboration with Vera Bradley is named "New Hope Butterflies" and blends a cream base with vibrant colors. Our girls' handwriting was used to create the custom liner that proudly declares "Created for More."

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New Hope Butterflies Collection

You can’t go wrong with any New Hope Girls bags this season! After all, supporting girls and women is always in style and our bags offer a beautiful way to do exactly that! So enjoy carrying our story with you, everywhere you go.