So she only has to tell it once....

Ada called me yesterday to tell me she was stewing of the news for a while now but just didn’t know how to tell me. I felt my armor go on. I took a deep breath and then asked, “what is it?” 

"I got a call from Barahona about Ruby," she explained. She continued to talk, but my mind and heart stayed on Ruby. I was instantly imagining loosing her. I was thinking of all the progress we had made, how well she was finally doing, and how far she still had to go. I imagined her smile and fierce competitive spirit that was helping her find her inner strength and confidence. 

I made myself renter the conversation and asked Ada begin again.  "Ada, I’m sorry - what’s going on?"

She said, "I got a call from Barahona, Ruby’s predator’s case is going before the appeal court. He is asking for a revised sentence." 

AND,” I questioned, "what does that have to do with us???"

Ada continued, "Well it is highly likely that Ruby will have to testify and tell her story again."

My hearts sank! Everything about this is wrong. He wants a favor from the courts and Ruby has to pay for it?! This system never ceases to disappoint.  

I am the silver lining girl”- so I tried to encourage Ada, who has walked in therapy with Ruby. I reasoned, "Maybe she is more ready now. Maybe she is ready to use her voice and face the evil that once sought to destroy her, but failed."

Ada reminded me she is 8 and had no choice either way. She punctuated her point with, “that’s not super empowering.” Then, Ada confided that what was more likely to happen, was that Ruby would be terribly triggered and face intense setbacks.  

I thought of our dream for a forensic interview room. It is still just a dream, but we began construction on it last month and are believing it will soon be fully operational so that girls will only have to tell their story one time. And, they can recount their trauma in a safe place, free of their predators where they can take their time and be loved well through the process.

I know God has planted that dream in our hearts for such a time as this. 

I know that God has planted that dream in our hearts for such a time as this

- Please join us in prayer for Ruby and Ada as they prepare to take a trip to together, across the country. May what was meant for evil be used in some miraculous way for good!

- Please pray for the funding to completely set up and put into use a fully functioning forensic interview room. 

- AND PRAY that the government will use it when it’s ready! So that girls will Only have to share the wicked details of their intimate stories Once. 

If this is a project you would like to help us fund, you can donate on our site or by mail (4741 Baycedar Lane, Sarasota, FL 34241). We are still need of $35,000 to complete it!