She's only two....

She’s only two.

Those three small words about our little one are hard to put into writing.

We almost didn’t.

But, we must bear witness to the reality of this work we do. And, the reality is that there is a two year old girl in our care right now.

She is precious! She is all things princesses and party dresses, giggles and shrieks of delight. Tiaras and twirls. She is safe with us - safe to be a silly little two-year-old girl.

She is the perfect kind of mischievous! The little one that sneaks over to a cake and tries to swipe just a little taste of frosting, all the while eyeing the adults to make sure she isn’t going too far. She is so easy to love.

Joy with 2 year old girl

This is the work we are called to do. To love and serve in the darkness that is so dark we hesitate to even put it in writing. But yet, we owe it to all the girls awaiting rescue to help shine a bright light on the fight and the opportunity. The opportunity to declare each girl is Created for More.

As we sit with this reality, in the season that highlights the True Light, we hope that you feel invited into this work and this fight. For her, for all the girls like her, for the ones awaiting rescue and the ones in our care. This beautiful work is made possible by so many generous people.

One of our greatest financial needs right now is the funding for an additional 11 caregivers. We have the space and now are praying - and begging - for God to send us the workers. 

We have $65,000 toward our pledged match of $95,000 that will be used toward our operational budget in 2024. We would be so grateful if you will prayerfully consider donating and helping us complete match.