Sharing our lives with New friends

When we received an email from Miranda and Mark Ludy sharing their desire to teach and then sell art to help sustain projects like ours, we were so excited. When they talked about the stirring they felt to use their lives and leave behind their current lifestyle “for the sake of the call”…BUT, they have small children and have never traveled and wondered if it would be safe or doable, we could relate. So a short trip was in order, just the girls, for 7 days.

Miranda, her 18 year old daughter Lauren, her sister-in-law Alayna, her niece Moriah and mom Krissy arrived July 4th. While we had never previously met we shared our lives, our dreams and our fears with one another. Much of this happened over coffee and prayer …my favorite combination, in the homes of my most cherished friends in the barrio.

It’s hard for me to discern what is happening in the minds and hearts of all our guests, I think we need to improve at debriefing. But I know there were lots of great talks and tears as we walked together for a week. We believe in “divine appointments”, “God winks”, not coincidences. We know it is for a purpose that we found each other and share a love of coffee, art, prayer, girls, education, the poor, the least, and the lost. We know that God is calling many to this work and we feel honored to be among them. Our lives were enriched by our time shared with these women and we wait with great expectation for what the future holds!