Reflecting on 2020 Looking Toward 2021

What a year! what a year it has been!

A Note from our Executive Director, Joy Reyes

We started off running sharing with women all over the country and sharing the story of New Hope through sales events and small gathering. We were preparing for a new school experience for our girls and full of hope for continued rescue, increased sales and the opportunity to serve more women and girls.  

Then COVID began to change everything and we knew we had to grab ahold of the things that would hold true no matter what came our way.  We were determined to love and serve well in the middle of hard things.  We were determined to learn the lessons crisis had taught us believing that everything we needed would be available to us.

God showed up- through YOU! When our ladies were unable to work due to shut downs, YOU rallied with us sending funds to cover salaries preserving every job and sustaining every home. When we were unable to gather for sales events, YOU shopped online, standing with us in solidarity and stimulating the income provided to New Hope Girls through sales. 

When our beds filled up with new girls and we couldn’t stay ahead of the need to clothe them, YOU filled our closets with the most beautiful things.  When our school shut down indefinitely and we had to set up virtual classrooms, YOU sent all the items needed to make sure our girls didn’t miss a day of school.  When our first girl graduated from high school, YOU celebrated her from afar.  YOU prayed as we nursed sick girls and staff back to health. YOU showed up for us even when you couldn’t come in person. We felt YOUR love!

We opened the University House! Preparing our girls to launch into independence with all the support and skills they need to take flight.  We were overwhelmed by your generosity filling the home with everything they need and cheering us on as we blazed this new trail.

God reminded us WHO we are and how much we already have and know. COVID gave us an opportunity to see how far our girls have come and watching them serve and love from the abundance of all they have received was deeply gratifying. Our teenage girls made quarantine camp, created activities, provided tutoring, supervised nights while house moms received new girls and we listened with tear stained faces as they covered their sisters in prayer and words of wise counsel. 

“This is a dark time, but we were made to be light”. “Don’t forget all you have already been through- you are ready for this!” “This is a safe place, you can trust that is will continue to protect you and you will never be alone.” “Quarantine is about so much more than COVID, this is a test of our faith and will remain true and not loose hope.”

When we thought we could handle no more God reminded us that we were CREATED FOR MORE!  We welcomed 11 girls into our home within a few months and faced darkness like we never had experienced before. And we decided to say YES, no matter what, to being a part of the rescue, the refuge and the restoration of these precious girls and the many more still waiting.  

We couldn’t wrap up our End of Year letter without celebrating our Year End Giving and how you all showed up for New Hope Girls!! Watch the video below as we look forward to what is next…

So in 2021 We step into MORE and we invite you walk with us. Many of you helped us fundraise for a new house and guess what… WE HAVE THE KEYS!  We have purchased the home but there is still so much more to do. Staff to hire and train, rooms to fill and prepare, operational budget to raise... but we can look back on the faithfulness of GOD and are filled with NEW HOPE.