Preparing for more...

Remember in the bible when Jesus healed the sick and lame and they leaped with joy telling everyone they crossed paths with what Jesus had done for them?  “Jumping up, he stood and began to walk, and he entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God.”-Acts 3:8

In November that happened with one of our staff members, she prayed with a woman for two hours and came out leaping for joy and telling everyone she knew how she was free and healed. Those of us who spent our days with her knew it was true. She entered into that prayer room with a dark cloud of depression over her and came out beaming.

In January I had a chance to get to know the woman who prayed with her. She captivated me with her stories of God’s power and restoring grace. I was filled with a hunger for more so I begged her to mentor me and train my leadership team. In July we received a visa for Greici and the three of us (Delia, Greici and myself) flew to Florida to receive an intense private training in prayer counseling.

We worked 8-10 hour days to learn how to provide prayer counseling and internal healing for our girls and community. We received healing ourselves and are forever changed!

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I promised that her time would not be spent in vain and that we would use EVERY minute she and her team invested in us, and would continue to study in order to grow stronger. We have kept our word and each and every day have had the honor of bearing witness to the healing power of the holy spirit in our girls, staff and community.

We were able to travel from our special time in Florida to a conference in Costa Rica where we learned from hundreds of other women working in the trenches. They represented 14 countries. Each and every one had Dominicans in their care and many spoke specifically of La Vega. Our eyes were opened even more to the great need to fight, pray and network on behalf of these victims. In our time with these fellow warriors we also learned that most were using prayer counseling as part of their aftercare and we were able to continue to go even deeper with our training that had begun in Florida.

We were overwhelmed with God’s care, provision and love. We were treated like princesses and showered with blessings. To those of you who shared in prayer preparations, meals, transportation, hosting and housing, shopping, loving us hands on or from the background—