Our University House is officially OPEN!

A Graduation Inauguration!

Yesterday was an incredibly remarkable day for us. We had it on the calendar to officially open our University House today, but as always you have to be flexible in this country and we ended up shifting our plans to Sunday!

As we looked forward to our University House launch we thought it would be the perfect day to also throw our first ever high school graduate, Abi, a surprise graduation!! Due to COVID she didn’t get a proper one with her class so we knew it was up to us to make it memorable and significant for her.

Not only did we get to surprise our sweet Abi, we also had her officially cut the ribbon and inaugurate another new beginning for New Hope Girls. This is truly a milestone for all of us and a dream realized.

We filmed Abi’s graduation on Facebook Live! To watch it click the button below

What is the University House?

If this is your first time hearing about our University House we are here to share with you the heart and purpose behind it! We have a wide age range of girls in our care and because of this we want to support them appropriately through all the stages of adolescence and into adulthood.

Our University House will function as a home for those that are in their final years of high school and entering into their college years. In our University House we will provide the mentorship and support necessary for our girls to courageously enter into adulthood.

We have four girls who have moved into the University House and one house mom who will serve as a coach helping them learn important life skills like time management, responsible technology use, budgeting, managing a home and menu as they do life together in a way that lends itself to true discipleship.  We are so excited to watch these girls step into more, and they are ready! 

We are so honored to invite you into the celebration and share in the excitement together. With an additional home comes additional financial responsibilities that we are committing to.

If you are at all interested in giving toward our University House fund in order to help us sustain this new arm of our organization you can visit the link below!