The Story This Bag Carries: Meet Rebekah

It is always SO special to hear from our supporters and learn how our organization has impacted them. It is our dream that women on all sides of the ocean will be blessed by our work of rescue, refuge and redemption. We want them to hear each bag whisper, "you were created for more."

Recently, one sweet customer wrote to us and shared about her journey with her beloved New Hope Girls tote. It put tears in our eyes to read how our bag has accompanied Rebekah to the mountain tops and valleys of her life. It is our hope that as you read her story you are reminded about the love that each one of our bags carries.

This is Rebekah's story, in her own words....

My name is Rebekah and I wanted to praise you all for the amazing services you guys have! The first time I have ever heard of New Hope Girl was in 2019 in Lynchburg, VA. I just started my freshman year of college and flunked my first exam in my class. I was so frustrated at myself and got stopped by a beautiful table full of bags and items from New Hope Girl. The really sweet lady at the table explained what your company's mission was and I was floored and amazed that there was such an awesome company like this. I saw one particular Tote bag and immediately knew that I had to have it to do my part and help if I could. I decided if it was still at the table by the time I was done with my next class then it is destined to be. Here I am almost 5 years later and I still have my tote bag. My friends and family call him 'Garret' and he is part of my personality in some ways to this day.

Every time I meet up with them or they are with me they always ask, "Is Garret coming along today?" Or "I'll only attend if Garret is". It's been quite a journey with Garret as well.

Garret was there when I left college, met my husband on our first date, held my wedding stuff for my wedding day, gone on every single road trip with me. He was there when I moved to NJ, then when I had to move to FL. He was there when I went to the doctors and found out I was pregnant and then with me as I found out I lost my baby. Always there holding my stuff and being more of an emotional support item.

That being said I never had any other love for a bag my entire life and I just want to thank you and thank the wonderful company for such an adventure and it has been a real gift to pass around what your company does and spread that message throughout the years. I have fought myself that I'm going to have to 'retire' Garret because he is falling apart after much use and love these past years, but wanted to reach out and tell someone that it has been an absolute love and treasure of having such an amazing tote bag.

I will be getting a new tote bag in the next few weeks and again just want to thank the company for such a wonderful experience and send all my love and prayers to keep it going.

With a Full Heart,