New Life entering in…Full of Hope

Feeling emotional today.  Super tired, sure that has something to do with it.  Feeling so grateful.  So in awe of my God.  I was with Eneroliza all night helping her give birth.  What an honor to be part of a miracle in the rawest moments of a woman’s life... There were moments when she would cry out and think she was going to die…they all do that.  That’s when I know they are close.  When they are sure they cannot go on, they can face no more.  When their body begins to shake without control…that’s a sign that we are in transition and the baby will be here soon.

I whisper to her---“Every pain brings your baby.  Stay centered. Trust that you will not die. But instead you will bring forth a new life.  You are strong enough.  Your strength comes from the Lord.  Don’t focus on the pain…focus on your breath.  Breath.  Breath in and out.”

When you’re at the end of yourself…and breathing takes all that is within you.  That is the darkest moment before the birth--just breath.

She finds rest and closes her eyes and breaths.  We rock and hummm and breath in and out, the waves of fear roll out to sea and the her strength comes in the moment she needs it most as her entire being focuses on only one thing…pushing that baby out.

There is deep mystery in childbirth.  No amount of study or science can take away from the awe of a new life entering in—breaking through.  First breath.  Full of hope.



What an analogy for our faith walk….


We have experienced transitions like this

Full of

Anxiety, Panic, Despair

Overwhelming FEAR

We have felt labor pains like this…

Pain that takes you to the end of yourself

Leaving you shaking like a limb in a hurricane

unable to breath


Rest and strength in the middle of a bloody mess

Divine focus 

Fear overcome

New life entering in

Breaking through

First breath 

Full of Hope

God really is strong in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12: 8, 9) and if we seek Him, we really do find Him—even in our toughest moments.

The tough things in life teach us, train us and tenderize us. They make us wiser and more equipped to love others like they really need to be loved—with empathy and honesty.

When we’re most acquainted with our needs, we are most drawn to God’s provision. When we feel our tears, we can better feel the pain of others.

–excerpts from A Holy Experience