5 Years... Look what the Lord has done!!!

Five years ago today.  Just months after the close of the hardest year of our lives to date. We sat with the Jubilee Project in our first meeting as New Hope Girls, Inc. They were asked many probing questions about who we were, what our vision was and why we had chosen this work now.  We knew God was writing our story in that meeting because as the words came out of our mouths they carried a weight and life that impressed us.  God was making us brave and preparing us for what was to come.


We have had the honor and privilege of watching God fulfill many of the dreams we shared that day and give us more, so much more than we ever imagined.  Tonight we hauled our sleeping mats to the new home-- another dream come true!  We sat in that large space huddled into a corner tight, laying in one big hug and remembered.  We remembered our small and humble beginning on the hill without water, power, floors, bathrooms, stairs, frig, stove and sometimes food.  We remembered old structures and old lives.  We recounted stories with wide eyes and laughter.  It is so important to look back and say, “look what the Lord has done.” 


Greisy asked the girls, “How has God changed your life since arriving at New Hope?”  They took turns responding…


New Life,

New home,

New family,

I was too little to remember,

New clothes,

I used to be sick and covered in sores



The girls have named the new house Luz y Esperanza—Light and Hope.  Lord hear their prayer!