More New Beginnings

We’ve been experiencing a lot of firsts here at New Hope Girls recently which is always so significant to us.

A few days ago the first girl we ever rescued into our care turned 18.

She has been with us since she was 8.  

She just moved into the University House, another dream realized. 

This weekend we celebrated and took time to remember her beginnings, reflect on how far she has come and dream about all the future holds. Nallely has a love for the arts and has used them to process hard things on her road to healing.  She loves photography and is a writer. 

Recently, she shared with us her heart for our new home:

The University house is like a mother eagle.  

After her eaglets grow a bit and she believes they are ready to confront the world independently, she does everything possible to get them ready but she doesn’t leave them alone.  She is always there fully aware and involved in the process making sure they leave her care flying!   

The University house is a new level for us, where we are learning the right techniques to confront the world tomorrow, this is a house that serves as a refuge for us but also an incubator giving us the time and training to learn to be independent in a controlled environment. 

This is an opportunity for girls to stay connected to New Hope Girls even after they turn 18 and follow the plans God has for them, learning to be warriors who can confront their world boldly with all the tools needed to overcome and win.

If you are interested in helping us continue to make
our new University House a home we put together
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