How We're Responding

How We’re Responding

We’ve been prayerfully considering how to join the conversation around COVID-19. We’ve seen the news, we’ve received the emails, we’ve heard the worries, the fears, the cries.

We are no strangers to trauma. We are no strangers to the difficulty we all face when we don’t feel safe. As New Hope Girls, we are committed to providing safe spaces for our girls to process grief, fear, trauma, and pain.

And in this time we are thoroughly reminded that every one of us are all in need of safe spaces. Communicating with our spouses, our children, our loved ones and our communities is so important in this time. Being present to what is going on in our world will empower us to join together and remind us that we are not alone.

As sickness looms and hysteria lingers it is a time to remember that we are not in control. And that is okay. We can remember who we are, our identities and take heart that our purpose in this world could never be taken from us.

Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you need help processing, grieving, and need a voice of Hope to lean on. We are praying for PEACE to break through and rule in the hearts of all of us. We encourage you to press in and meditate on what is good and true and life-giving in the midst of uncertainty.