Loving Well

The girls gathered around the 2018 calendar as I hung it up on January 1st and began to add the dates from my own crisp new planner.  It’s fun to see the all the months at the same time.  Every birthday and vacation and visitor is added as we learn of them, and knowing what’s coming makes the girls extremely happy!  They love to be in the “know”!

Looking at the events in the month of January, a newer girl read out loud with terror in her voice, “Dental team with Dr. Dave and Mr. Tom!”  I continued to write without even looking behind me and lightheartedly added, “Dr. Dave is the best, only the best for you!” 


Then the other girls began to add….

“Yea, he’s the best”

“He’s so nice”

“It doesn’t hurt”

“I mean you can cry, but he won’t make you cry.”


That last phrase killed me.  I almost dropped my pen.  That is the kid definition of safety…


“You can cry, but he won’t make you cry.”



In the past ALL our girls were terrified of the dentist.  Getting dental care was traumatic, and not only for the girls. The caregivers felt their pain and cried tears of compassion with them as they winced, screamed and wiggled with tight lips and clenched fists. Many left the dental chair without ever receiving care.  Their fear simply wouldn’t allow it. 



Over the past couple years, the dental team with Barnabas Task has worked to build relationships and trust among our girls.  They hold hands, say prayers, cry compassionate tears and always tell the truth. That’s empowering!  They love well.



And what we know for sure is that “Loving well extinguishes Fear!” 


To this team: we are so grateful for you and your compassionate servants who are not only healing teeth and gums, but removing infection that, if left untreated, can snuff out a life.


Love snuffs out fear. Love always wins.