Love in the Form of Veggies

Love in the Form of Veggies

Thoughts by our executive director, Joy Reyes

At the beginning of this year I sat with Ada, our Dominican director, and talked about our menu and our desire for it to look different. We want our girls to learn to take care of their bodies and fuel them with healthy food. Making the change from pounds of rice to fresh fruit and veggies was going to come at a cost, but we believed God would make a way.

Like we always do, we decided to be faithful with what we had in our hand while we trusted God to provide. We began to ramp up our exercise and cut back our sugar. We learned to preserve fruit and veggies when they were in season and while we’ve had many failed attempts at gardening- we planted another one.

And we prayed!

Then others joined us in prayer and a few men from our community took it upon themselves to “find us food”. They knocked on doors advocating for our girls. Each month donations of food trickled in and most recently it is as if God has opened up the heavens providing for our girls, their caregivers and the women in the workshop too!

Yuca. Platano.Pineapple. Mango. Eggs. Milk. Green beans and eggplant for days! We are praising God, who is so faithful to provide far above and more than we could ever hope or imagine!

Love in the form of veggies! May you be inspired to be creative in loving, serving and sharing your life.

P.S. Please share your favorite green bean and eggplant recipes if you have one. We need to expand our repertoire…