Let's sign them up!

We can't stop smiling!

We spent two different mornings walking through the hillsides of the barrio with our notebooks under our arms, announcing our plans of a girls' school in order to begin to fill our roster for 2011-2012.  We prayed for God to bring them to us and as we walked through the hillside it became clear to us that the needs were unique and we started to understand the purpose of why we felt called to this little shack uncomfortably set in the hill.

As you walk up the hill it opens up and there are thousands living beyond what you can see or imagine from the paved street below.  The houses are far inferior to our little shack and the poverty is raw.

Word began to spread as we walked up and down the rocky narrow paths and  soon girls and their mothers were following us and showing us others who were in need and deserving of an opportunity like this; a chance to study for free regardless of required paperwork.  Families were excited and we heard cheers as we left our final house.  It sounded like they had just won the lottery!

We have almost filled our school roster and could have a waiting list of countless girls who have never studied.  There is a visible difference between the girls who are studying and those who have not, most markedly after the age of 7.  There is a life and hope missing in many, an inability to have fluid conversations and a total lack of confidence.  We have our work cut out for us, but we are not alone.

"...and I will be with you always, even until the end of this age."

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