It Doesn't Matter How Deep

This summer we took the girls to some of the most beautiful parts of the island- their island. Each day was a new adventure as we packed up our water bottles, towels threw a pair of shorts over our swim suits and took off to a new, breathtaking, and amazing taste of God’s love for us through creation.  I smothered sunscreen, handed out snacks, and soaked it all up, smiling and giggling the entire time. 

I kept telling the girls, “This is your country.  This is your nation.  What is God saying to you? What is He telling you? What does He want you to know about him, about you, about us, through the beauty of His creation?”

Ruth is a tiny seven year old who knows betrayal and pain deeply.  She is quick to cry, but she also knows how to suck back her tears and make her face somber, almost mean. She hides her face when her emotion takes over.  She is capable and hard working, but full of fear. In her words, she can see things a mile away and she hides.

The first day at the beach she asked me if the water was deep. This is the ocean- it’s deep and wide and big and powerful just like our God and His love for you.  

I chose words of redirection because I know she is a capable swimmer and there was no reason to feed fear.  

The next day we we were swimming in the deep about 100 yards from the shore.  “Is this water deep?” She asked again.  Yes, it’s deep.  But you don’t have to worry, “if you know how to swim you never have to touch the bottom.”  No importa la profundidad, si sabes nadar nuncio vas a tocar fondo.  

I felt that truth speak deep to my heart. 

Girls in water

It doesn’t matter how far from the shore we travel, we are just as safe in the deepest of deep IF we know how to swim.  

I may not be winning all the races, but I know how to swim. 

I know the joy of slapping the water and diving for treasure, first filling my lungs with enough air to take me to it.

I have learned to tread water when I’m tired. I know how to rescue another without letting them take me under; it always requires a flotation device between me and the victim. I know what that is, who that is. I have learned how to help them float and breathe to release the fear that will kill us both.

I know how to swim - no matter how deep.

God is calling us into deep waters.  When we feel afraid of the deep we hang onto this truth. God has given us all we need for His good work. He has taught us to swim. To fight. To serve. To love.

Will you walk with us into deeper waters?  2023 has so much for New Hope Girls and we invite you into the deep with us.