In Celebration of our First Ever Graduate

Meet Abby!

She is our FIRST ever graduating senior…

Ever since Abby walked through our doors and became part of our family we have been watching a miracle unfold. Over the last month we have been reflecting and celebrating her life and how far she has come in her journey of transformation. Abby wanted to share part of that journey in her own words:

“Before, I could only think about one minute at a time. Now I feel a hunger to learn. I read, I study, I have a FUTURE.”

As we celebrate Abby’s graduation we
prepare for the many more to come.

We are beginning a new chapter of our story and finally opening
our University House this summer!!

This is a strange time for all of us.
With many graduation ceremonies reinvented and cancelled, Vera Bradley has decided to relaunch the 2020 collaboration and honor our grads!! They will be donating a portion of the proceeds to help us continue funding our University House.

We invite you to sew into the future generation of New Hope Girls that will follow in Abby’s footsteps.

Our 2020 collection remains available on our website
and in Vera Bradley’s online store: