The only answer

It’s funny the things others see in you that you don’t notice about yourself.  After spending countless hours shadowing and supporting me, my interns all begin to point out my little quirks.  For better or worse. 


Silly phrases I always say, clicks I make with my mouth during conversation, the particular way I flip my hair over my shoulder, favorite foods and styles.  I have become quite predictable to them, and I find comfort in that. But the other day my current intern made an observation that caught me off guard….

It was after a meeting with someone who kept asking questions about the ministry, and Lauren found humor in my steadfast and simple answers to questions that this person wanted analytical responses too. 


“You never have a tangible answer for anything,” Lauren told me with a smile.  

“That’s not even nice,” I thought to myself, but instead asked what she meant. 

“You know, every time someone asks you something about the ministry, you never have a tangible answer," she said again. 

I asked her for examples, and she began to quickly list many….


How do you provide for the girls?

How did you raise the funds?

How do you make the connections?

How do you recruit your staff?

How did you come up with that idea?

How do you make the sales?


I was beginning to see the perfect pattern.  She is right. 

The ONLY answer to these questions I'm asked is God. 

The ONLY answer to every good and perfect gift is God. 


God did that. 

He moves the hearts that send the funds.

He connects the perfect people at the perfect time.

He sent them to us, just like He promised He would.

He is our great provider.

He inspires us and gives us the desires of our hearts.

He even sells our bags and blesses those who purchase them. 


He moves all things and is in all things, and may He continue to be the answer to every question New Hope asks.