His Lovingkindness

I had been telling people since January, that I would be in Seattle in July for an art training.   At least I hoped to be.  For years, I had been looking for the opportunity to learn how to use my love of art to help myself and others process and heal.  I knew there was power in creating beauty.  I feel we are made for it.


When I finally found an organization that would train lay-practitioners I was so excited.  I knew I would go.  I didn’t know how, but I knew I would go!  After locating the training, I quickly moved onto the next dream of who I would take along.  Who would help me launch art therapy within the walls of New Hope? There were lots of names and different factors excluded some of them, but I finally landed on the perfect fit.  I told them about it and asked them to make room in their schedules. 


I mentioned this desire in the last update sent to friends and supporters.  I still had no idea how I would get to that training, but I was certain I was going. 


Then, at a gathering, a new friend came up and told me she wanted to help in any way she could.  I told her how much I appreciated how she had already gone above and beyond in her loving support.  I hugged her deeply.  Then she mentioned that if I were ever to make it to her part of the US it would be so fun to connect. 


“Where do you live again?” 


“Are you close to Seattle?  Because we are going there in July.”


She told me that if the training was in the city we would be too far away to stay in her home, “BUT I have a million Marriott points and flight miles for that matter, and if I can help you in this way, I would LOVE to!”


I was thrilled at the thought, but I wasn’t going to hold her to it… then she wrote me. 


She was able to book our tickets and help pay for the hotel.  Oh, and first class was cheaper—Go God!  I applied for a scholarship for those attending.  We got it!  It was all falling into place.  I ran up and down the stairs, shaking my hands at the ceiling in gratitude, jumped up and down a few times and then literally did a happy dance before writing her to say THANK YOU! 


Her response-- “May the wonder of this adventure fill your cup!!!”