Hebrews 11:1

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

With so much need we are prayerfully considering receiving more girls into our safe house-- Girls ages 9-12 who are need of a true rescue from abuse and prostitution.  I wonder if we will be able to provide for them, feed them.  But the women in the barrio challenge me to trust in a very big God, to pray with new intensity and to step out in faith.

Beginning with the purchase of the house that was paid for in cash for the equivalent of one half years wages and donated by one of our local founders, this work was founded on sacrifice, prayer and big faith!  When I hear these women call out to God for their “daily bread and for help to give more and to do so cheerfully”, I am both inspired and convicted.  We find ourselves more then ever before holding all that comes our way with open hands so that we may give and receive with ease.  We try to remember that it all belongs to God anyway, so we are careful not to hold on too tight.

The other day when a 100lb. bag of rice showed up at my door I cried tears of joy and felt currents of fear grow inside of me as I thought to myself, “Oh dear God, is this the life you want me to walk?  Like George Mueller and countless others.”

When I wonder if my faith is big enough for this kind of life, I am reminded of how big, how precious, how faithful my God is and I know this is his plan for us now!....


A few weeks ago a local meat store volunteered to donate 25lbs of meat each week!  Amazing, but I wondered where the rest would come from...Each day local women are showing up with dinners and breakfasts. We are all shopping in our own pantries for the required staples.  We are watching the community work together to get these girls fed and I know its better this way.

If I had it all taken care of they would miss out on the chance to bless and be blessed. They might not feel needed and useful or have the confidence to dive in.  Instead we have woman after woman walk up to volunteer goods and services or advocate for a girl in need of refuge—all in an effort to, ‘take care of our girls.”

Some just want to come and sit on our patio to be reminded of the faithfulness of God.  That’s what this house represents—God’s faithfulness, even when we fail—he never does.

Always Hope.  Always Love.  Always Enough.