Heading Back to School

Summer is coming to an end and we are getting ready for school.  We had a great summer full of fun activities and a spectacular camp experience that many of you helped sponsor.  It  provided a much needed vacation for our precious staff and a chance for our girls to see more of their beautiful country. 

Each year we wonder if it will all come together and each year God makes a way, often at the very last minute! 

We work to provide education for all the girls living in our safe home, the children of our staff, and supplies for the 100 girls in our outreach.  Just like camp, every year we wonder how we will make it happen and then, often at the last minute, God does it.  

If you too are getting kids off to school this fall, consider throwing in some extra supplies and sending them our way.  If you’re not a shopper you can send funds and we’ll do the shopping.  The cost of getting a girl ready for school with her uniform and supplies is approximately $75.  Some require more and others a little less, depending on books and PE requirements. Our goal is to get 145 kids ready to start the year right!  We need your help!