Growing in the Rocks

Two years running the girls favorite song is “The king is here Kim Walker.” I have thought of those words countless times as we wrestle with the residue left from the miry pit we’ve all been pulled out of. We feel that the time is long overdue for us to leave our current location, as it has felt impossible to grow and thrive in such a stifling atmosphere. But until God’s ordains the move, we will wait… DRweb

Last weekend I had a chance to visit a special part of this island in the national park Los Haitises. It’s an amazing sight only accessible by boat as it sits in the middle of the ocean. It’s full of Mangroves and ancient caves with Hunch Back whales breaching nearby, but I was most moved by the trees growing out of the rocks.



The guide kept saying, “Isn’t it incredible they grow straight out of the rocks!” It made me think of the story Jesus told about the seed falling on rocky soil and not being able to develop deep roots. How were these tall trees thriving in the middle of the windy ocean growing straight out of the rock?

Jesus had another teaching about being in this world, but not of it. It’s a curious thought, but I think these trees are a live illustration of its truth.

They seem to be thriving in the middle of the perfect storm of circumstances that add up to certain death. Trees growing out of the rocks in the middle of the salty ocean…but they are connected to another world that you can’t see. Deep under the rocks flow 200 unseen rivers of life-giving fresh water. These trees are holding onto the rock for stability, but deeply rooted in order to receive the life-giving water that no one can see. They are proof of the rivers of life that flow from an unseen world.

Nueva Esperanza-New Hope Girls Inc. seems to be placed in the middle of the perfect storm that leads to certain death, but our girls are proof of a hope that comes from an unseen world that offers life, abundant life. Growing in the rocks…their smiles, their ability to play, love, pray and trust are proof that there is a living God-the corner-stone of an unseen world, that they can hold onto in the middle of circumstances that point to death. They are proof of a God that floods them with rivers of life that can heal the broken, hurting and sick opening prison doors to set the captives free!