Experiencing God

It was that kind of day, when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed for no good reason in a wicked mood.  Walking up the hill toward the school--the sound of the girls squeals irritated me instead of making me feel loved and appreciated.  I walked in, sat down in the rocking chair and picked up the daily devotional book to begin our normal morning routine when I heard a little voice call out, “I want to pray.” “Perfect!  I replied…because I’m in a terrible mood and I might be forced to eat you for lunch if someone doesn’t pray for me!”  She began to pray for me, the other staff and each girl.  As she finished  another voice called out asking to pray, then another and another….  The atmosphere was transformed.  I was transformed.  Then they broke out in song.  I closed my eyes in worship with them letting the spirit lead me to the next girl that would choose a song.  We could have gone on forever, but decided to dedicate some of our day to “school,” --but now I was ready to face the day.

--as told by Greici

Our recent observation has been that our girls don't need more information about God, but more Experiences with God….

We are thankful that as we are sensitive to the Spirit we are being led into prayer and worship with our girls growing and experiencing God with them...

Friday during class the girls began to get restless and even lay on the floor, so Annie suggested a worship song.  They entered with ease into worship and then laid hands on one another in a time of ministry and prayer.  God is doing a mighty work in our little school/ house and it is amazing to see the body of Christ grow and mature before our very eyes as we Experience God Together.  --Annie