DO Justice, Full of LOVE!

Do Justice,

Love Mercy, and 

Walk Humbly with your God.

This is what is good and what the Lord requires of us.- Micah 6:8


She was safe now, why would she want to retell and relive all the horrific details of her story?  

What was the point? she asked.

What if your story could save another? 

What if your story could keep him from ever hurting someone else?


There is NOTHING that can get you in trouble. 

You did nothing wrong. 

He is the predator.  


There is NO shame. 

Only LOVE lives in this room.

It is one thing to hope and dream of justice. 

This young girl was being called to 

DO Justice

And I felt the weight of the call. 


We tried to fill the room with Love and Mercy.

We let tears fall alongside hers.

We held hands and prayed.


She nodded her head and began…

Holding her sweet face and telling her she is Created For More



I never imagined this verse playing out in my life like this. 

I never envisioned that social justice would look or feel this way.  

But the opportunity to hold her hand 

as she steps into justice for herself and another 

is our absolute honor.  


 We invite you to walk with us into justice.


Full of Hope,

-Joy Reyes