Did you buy your "Hope" this week?

So it has been one week since the official launch of New Hope Girls Academy

and there is much excitement about it!

  • We have sold 395 cups of "Hope." That's $1975.  in one week...a very nice start indeed.
  • Wow, you all like to shop! Our online registry is just about fulfilled. But do not fret, more items will be added this week. Look for uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, etc.

Think of the possibilities for your small group or book club or Bunko group to make a difference! One friend in Oregon is hosting a  "Cup of Hope" party.  It could be like a candle or jewelry party, but people come to have coffee and dessert and buy a cup of "Hope."  It would be like buying a cup of coffee, but 100% of the money will go to New Hope Girls Academy.  Love it, Jen!!!  Great idea...in fact, we think it is so great that we are creating a kit for anyone who is interested in hosting a "Cup of Hope" party! Look for details on our Facebook page, New Hope Girls Academy.

In week one we accumulated almost 400 cups of hope.   Now you know how to do it.  Get another cup and tell all your friends!  It's fast and easy and it changes lives.

If 10,000 cups of hope at $5 each are purchased we can fund the education and care for the girls in our currently donated house for an entire year.  If 25,000 cups are purchased, we can buy land and begin plans to serve even more girls.

click here to Buy a cup of Hope!


        $5 cups of Hope  =  Education and Care

for Girls living in poverty

1 cup= 1 notebook and a pencil

5 cups= a chair for our classroom

10 cups= a uniform for one girl

25 cups= one month of breakfast

50 cups= a class set of novels

100 cups= a plumbed bathroom

500 cups= completion of the first floor.

1,000 cups= a teacher’s salary

2, 500 cups= complete our building project

10,000 cups= education for 20 girls and emergency housing for 6 for an entire year!

All donations are US tax deductible.