Consider the orchid...

I've been challenged to consider God in all of creation.  If we look for Him we are sure to find Him and He is using all of creation to show us a little more of Him and little more of us.  There are lessons everywhere when I can be still enough to hear them. For me, orchids are among the most amazing and curious of all flowers. They remind me of my girls--amazing and curious!

You can spend months watering a dry awkward looking stick believing and hoping the flowers will come.


The fat green leaves at the base are proof of life, even if they looked a bit haggard and vulnerable.


We try to keep them rooted and but it seems they just naturally come undone.


Yet, there they are growing out of the rocks. resilient and forgiving.


When I see a new leaf budding at the base. I literally cheer and tell all my friends.


I am careful not to drown the little gal with too much water at one time, but I am more attentive than ever looking every day for a bud. It's easy to think nothings happening or nothing will ever happen and then there's a bud.

Oh the joy of a bud.


Buds are the best because they always bloom!


We celebrate every bloom.  Call the neighbors to take a look.  Stop everything and consider her with awe.

Each day I check in and watch for the tiniest signs of buds forming and it’s not just me everyone who passes by notices and points out the buds with excitement. They don’t form all together, but one at a time and it’s like watching a time elapsed film because everyday there is change.

It doesn’t get old watching this quick development after such a long quiet time of dormancy. And the more experience I have with orchids (and girls), the less impatient I am with the awkward stick stage.

I’m certain each time there is a bloom, it's different and more amazing than the last time.  God was creating something even better than the time before. Something totally new!

May we never tire of watching things grow, waiting and experiencing new life.  We were made for this!


P.S.  I almost didn't post this blog, and then this morning this little girl prayed--Thank you Lord for all the gifts you give.  Thank you for the flower. Thank you for school. Thank you for Nayelli and Joy.  Then the little next to her continued to pray giving thanks to God for the flower.  When the prayer was over I asked the girls why they thanked God for the flower and they said with bewilderment in their eyes--"Aren't flowers a gift from God?"  Yes! they are and therefore we will say Thank You.  Consider the orchid...