Casa de Luz - House of Light

Joy in Barrio - New Hope Girls

The “Light House” began to serve 200 girls in smaller groups this month.  I sat with the seven and eight year olds yesterday.  I was so impressed.  They came ready to learn and receive.  

They were wide eyed and hungry hanging on every word.  I love this age.  I don’t yet know each girl by name, but I love them.  

I was full of hope as I watched them walk up that rocky, slippery path to the “Casa de Luz”.

I wonder what God will do here -  in them, through them.  

Sabrina - New Hope Girls

I went with Sabrina and we led them up the hill.  She was our first New Hope Girl and this is a new generation.

We taught them our theme song.  “si tienes fe Como un granito de mustaza” —“If you have faith, like that of a mustard seed.  You can say to the mountains move, get out of my way.”

We have that faith. We have this hope.

Joy Singing with Girls - New Hope Girls

Our hope is that God will move the mountains of generations of abuse and pain and trauma and poverty.  

We believe that God will use this little house on the hill to be a light in this dark place and that these girls will show others God’s goodness - because He called them out of darkness and into his marvelous light.   

Girls in Barrio Outreach - New Hope Girls

The lesson was about creation. The great creator God, who created everything and everyone, even you!  

“What about this house? Did he make this house?”
One little girl asked with innocent curiosity.  Another responded, “He made the men who did.”  Another added, “And gave them the wisdom and strength to do it.” 

I wonder what God will use them to build and create inspired by the great creator.  I can’t wait to see it! 

In Barrio - New Hope Girls

We are always SO grateful for those who choose to walk with us in hope and healing through prayer, donations, and shopping our artisan-made products!