Back to School 2020 Update

This year school looks a little different than we thought. I imagine you can relate. Even when we knew we were going virtual, I had so many ideas of what that would be and it just looks so different.  

YOU guys showed up like actual superheros to provide all our classroom needs.  Each week Agape Flights delivered a pile of Amazon boxes filled the perfect things from our wish list. We were so excited!

We were preparing for a sweet classroom with all the school supplies organized and within hands reach. I imagined girls lined up at tables with headphones and tablets, projects being completed with the help of adults while we juggled to keep everyone connected and on task. 

Well, it is all of that and So Much More. On the first day of class it was apparent that kids could not be lined up at tables because even with headphones, there was too much static interference and entire classrooms would hear all the communication within our home. Each day we would modify and adjust to get all the technology to cooperate, each girl to cooperate, collect all the books and supplies, train our staff on platforms and manage communications with all the different classroom teachers and still it is just so hard.

Imagine learning to form your letters and read from a zoom call with 20 other kids online.  Then imagine you are sitting in a room with 15 other kids in different classes, answering different questions and struggling to stay connected and hear.  It is a perfect storm for meltdowns for our girls AND staff.  

But like all of you, we are hanging on and holding on 

to hope.  

We get up a little earlier to 

pray a little more.

we stay hydrated and

make sure all our snacks and meals are ready are on time.  

We offer and receive 

grace upon grace. 

We hold each other tight 

even through our frustrated tears.  

We will be better 

and stronger 

because of this time.  

We are determined to step full 

into the more we were created for.

Standing in solidarity with all of you who are in this wild world of virtual learning as teachers, students and parents.

Hugs from New Hope Girls