Amplifying Our Voice with Pura Vida

This fight is not something we can do alone. It takes a lot of committed people - donors, friends, family, customers, and co-laborers of all kinds. We know that joined together, we can push back on the darkness and usher in cycles of empowerment in the Dominican republic and beyond.

It is for that reason that it is extremely powerful when other people and organizations use their influence to lock arms with us in our mission to rescue girls and empower women. 

International Women’s Day 2023 we had the opportunity to work with Pura Vida - yes, the Pura Vida, to share a bracelet with the world that directly contributes to our organization.

Each bracelet sold results in a donation to our organization. The monetary support through this collaboration is incredible because it contributes to the daily care of our girls, as we provide them with our very best. It is a tangible way to fuel our work of hope and healing.

Beyond that, there was a major impact of this collaboration that cannot be overlooked or understated. The impact of amplifying the voices of our women and our girls.

Sabrina Shared: 

"I am one of the first New Hope Girls. I've been there since the beginning. Now, I am in University and so grateful!"

"It's amazing to watch a new generation of girls joining New Hope Girls. I know that I have to stay involved - it takes all of us. Everyone has a role in helping girls and women be everything they were created to be."

Viviana Shared:

"Today I think of the fighter women, working women, daughters, child of God, warrior - advocating for her children. The overcomers!"

"New Hope Girls is all about empowering women and rescuing girls....this is our day!"

Olga Shared:

"It's one of the most important holidays - I am so glad people are beginning to truly celebrate it. I am honored and it makes me feel seen and important. It's a day to celebrate women all over the world." 

"It's for the woman. It's for all the women. The warrior, luchadora, mother, wife, nurse, daughter, sister, do-it-all-and-get-it-done woman."

"Everything I never had, I can now freely give."

"My rescue came later in life and I pray that because of New Hope Girls we will get to them sooner."

Wanda Shared:

"This is a day to celebrate the strength of women and our important place in creation and society."

"Before working at New Hope I didn't even think of this as a holiday. But now it is an important day we celebrate! It is not only International Women's Day, it is the day of New Hope. Today we celebrate how far we've come and all we have overcome - 12 years of rescuing girls and empowering women."

It was incredibly special to see their stories honored and the voices heard. We were so thrilled that Pura Vida provided this opportunity to our organization.

As you consider the way that Pura Vida has chosen to walk with us, I hope that you will consider what your support can look like.
It can be as seemingly simple as purchasing a $7.00 Pura Vida bracelet, or shopping our beautiful bags.
You can also commit to walk with us through daily prayer and following us on social media.
Or, if you feel led, you can enter into support by becoming a monthly donor. There are many ways and we are grateful for each and every one!