Labor of Love

Those of you who have given birth know the pain of labor and the joy of holding new life.  What has brought us to this moment in time can truly be described as a labor of love.  We have literally cried out in birth pains calling out for God to save us, have mercy on us, convince us of His love and cover us in His grace.

God has comforted us with a picture of us toddling around as He scoops us up in one arm, like all moms are adept of doing, placing us firmly on one hip. And while we hang on, He wraps one arm around us, and stretches His free arm before us holding a sword parting the path and fighting on our behalf.  The storms rage.  The jungle entangles. The dust chokes.  And we find peace in the arms of our heavenly father.  This is where we long to be, abiding in Him forever.

This is also our dream for the girls in the barrio and all those in need of a father-- a safe place, an affirmation of love, and new hope.  May they be close and still enough to hear God whisper in their ear, “I love you, and if I am for you, who can be against you?”   May they be moved by His voice alone!

This is our baby-- new life full of promise and wonder.  Like all moms holding their tiny new little one, we wonder how we will ever care for them.  What if we make a mistake?  What if we drop them?  What if we can’t provide for them?  What if, what if, what if? But God Himself has whispered in our ear, “If I am for you who can be against you?  This is my work and you are invited to be a part of it.” So instead we think, we don’t know how—but we know who!   We are confident that this project cannot fail because it belongs to the Lord and we are only privileged to be a part of it.

In August 2011, we will open the doors of Nueva Esperanza—New Hope Girls Academy! We plan to serve 20 girls in two   multiage classrooms.  We will also be available to offer emergency housing in an effort to provide abuse relief to girls as we are able.

If you want to be the very hands and feet of God to these girls....


I’m not sure there is a person on this planet that loves Starbucks more than me.  I truly receive a bag of coffee or a hot latte as love.  But God is on the move, and we want to be a part of it so we invite you to join us and give up your Starbucks or whatever your $5 love is, and buy hope instead.

If 10,000 cups of hope are purchased at $5.00  we can fund the education and care for the girls in our currently donated house for an entire year!  If 25,000 cups are purchased, we can buy land and begin plans to serve even more girls.


      $5 cups of Hope   =   Education and care       for Girls living in poverty

1 cup= 1 notebook and a pencil

5 cups= a chair for our classroom

10 cups= a uniform for one girl

25 cups= one month of breakfast

50 cups= a class set of novels

100 cups= a plumbed bathroom

500 cups= completion of the first floor.

1,000 cups= a teacher’s salary

2, 500 cups= complete our building project

10,000 cups= education for 20 girls and emergency housing for 6 for an entire year!